WiNG solution: the clear choice

Sercel is proud to offer the world’s most advanced wireless seismic land acquisition product with the introduction of the WiNG land nodal system. This revolutionary broadband land nodal solution offers many technological advantages to traditional geophones and other inferior analog systems.

Sercel’s WiNG land nodal solution provides users with unmatched confidence through enhanced data fidelity, active feedback through real-time QC in the field, and a robust feature set to deliver smart and reliable data, no matter the conditions.

WiNG is a fully integrated nodal land acquisition solution designed with a single data collection platform to manage operations more easily and efficiently. This new nodal solution integrates Sercel’s best performing and most sensitive broadband sensor ever, QuietSeis®, to acquire high precision seismic data.


You get the most accurate data with no jitter, distortion or noise. WiNG provides exceptional image quality while mitigating risk and increasing productivity. With its intelligent design, the DFU can record seismic data for up to 50 days, it’s the clear choice for land seismic in challenging terrains.


By listening to customers, Sercel strives to understand their unique needs and invests heavily in research and development to design the very best solutions to fulfill customer requirements.

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