WiNG solution provides real-time QC

Fast efficient deployment of land survey equipment is critical, it’s important to have all the features required to guarantee success. Our WiNG land nodal solution includes the field proven Pathfinder technology allowing continuous remote monitoring of spread conditions during operations. It thus ensures that the system is on-line and working properly, every time. Unlike competing “blind” systems, we’ve built in all of the peace-of-mind our customers deserve.

Advanced feedback to ensure successful acquisition

Node status monitored:

- Battery Level

- Sensor Status

- Memory Status

- GPS Status

- Ambient Noise


Auto Assignment

- Node GPS position transmitted to DCM through Pathfinder network

- Greatly reduces the risk of assignment errors

- Start shooting immediately on node deployment


It’s the clear choice

Sercel now offers the world’s best wireless seismic land acquisition solution with the introduction of the WiNG. This revolutionary, broadband land nodal system offers many technological advantages when compared to other inferior analog acquisition systems and traditional moving-coil geophones. Sercel’s WiNG provides users with unmatched confidence through enhanced data fidelity, active feedback through real-time QC, and a robust feature set delivering smart and reliable data, no matter the field conditions.

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