True Vertical and Orthogonal OBN Sensing with 3C MEMS Sensors

OBN projects are taking an increasing market share over towed streamer surveys. Despite significantly higher costs of operation, OBN enable flexible layout strategies, seismic wavefield recording with high signal to noise ratio, broadband signal recording, the recording of PS waves and a better repeatability for 4D surveys.

Until now all OBN available on the seismic market have been equipped with 3C omni-tilt 15 Hz geophones, however, a recently released node offers 3C MEMS sensors as an alternative.
MEMS are renowned for their ability to record seismic signal with true amplitudes and phases, from DC to 800 Hz, contrary to geophones whose sensing fidelity varies with manufacturing tolerances, ageing and temperature.
In addition, the third generation of MEMS (Lainé 2014, Fougerat 2018) has overcome the low-frequency limitations associated with previous generations.
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