Survey using ERB-508 in hard-to-access environment

Land seismic data acquisition can turn out to be a real challenge when it comes to conducting surveys in complex environments. But whatever the conditions, the objective is always to obtain high quality data while maintaining high productivity and guaranteeing good working conditions.

In 2020, Petroseismic Services, provider of geophysical services for hydrocarbon exploration in Colombia, conducted a 2D survey in Las Mercedes in the area of Catatumbo close to the Venezuelan border.

Located in a mountainous zone, the accessibility to seismic lines was made extremely difficult and even impossible by the terrain topology, the weather conditions and security constraints.

The land crew worked for 5 months in the area, conducting the survey with two recording trucks, each of them equipped with Sercel’s 508XT land seismic acquisition platform, including the Ethernet Radio Bridge 508 (ERB-508).

Find out more about the survey's operational and technical challenges and how Sercel's Ethernet Radio Bridge (ERB) proved to be a fabulous tool for overcoming the severe accessibility restrictions and adverse atmospheric conditions experienced during the project.

Thank you to Petroseismic Services for their cooperation in writing this informative case study.

Focus on a challenging mission conducted in Colombia  using 508XT Ethernet Radio Bridge Download the case study