Sercel launches new Bluepulse acoustic marine source

Sercel announced today the launch of Bluepulse, an innovative marine acoustic source offering the most advanced frequency control technology on the market. Bluepulse is a purpose-built acoustic source designed to help protect marine wildlife from high-frequency emissions, while maintaining highly accurate and reliable results for seismic acquisition.

Bluepulse is compatible with all existing peripherals making it an easy choice for surveys requiring limited high-frequency source emissions. Through intelligent engineering and design, existing      G-Source and G-Source II units can be easily upgraded with Bluepulse technology, saving customers up to 40% on the cost of fleet conversions.

The new units offer available range options in three different casings, twenty-two different volumes and with two frequency limits (100Hz and 200Hz) to comply with regulatory environmental standards and restrictions. The source array can thus be configured and customized to meet exacting survey requirements.

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: “Bluepulse is a perfect example of our continued commitment to providing high-quality data combined with the highest level of environmental responsibility. The ability to upgrade existing units and the wide variety of options also offers the highest flexibility for marine surveys all over the world.”

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