How to secure your nodal land acquisition?

Nodal land acquisition systems have opened up a new era of high efficiency, low cost seismic operations, bringing cost benefits for both geophysical service companies and their clients. Many of these companies, however, have been asking how they can maintain control of the quality of their acquired data while taking advantage of these benefits. The introduction of Sercel’s WiNG Nodal system, with its unique concept of System Certified Data provides the answer.

In addition to thorough equipment qualification, and intensive specification validation, the in-field monitoring of field unit QC status is inherent to WiNG’s System Certified Data concept and is designed to ensure that the recorded seismic data is of the highest quality.

Equipped with a Field Monitor hosted on a “phablet” device, field crews  can remotely collect the operational status of an entire line of WiNG fields units by making a wireless connection to a unit within a typical range of 30m, and configuring it as a gateway for Sercel’s proprietary Pathfinder QC network. Each of the other field units in the line will transmit its own QC status to a neighbouring field unit, and these status messages will rapidly ripple down the line to the gateway unit to be transferred to the Field Monitor. QC status includes: battery level, sensor status, memory status, GPS status and ambient noise.

With the Field Monitor, the field crew can also interrogate individual WiNG field units within a wireless typical range of 50m, communicating with them directly to obtain even more detailed QC data from the unit. In addition to the status of the field unit, this will deliver numerical information relating to the field units operation, built in test results and field noise. In the event that field troubleshooting is required, the field crew can also initiate built in tests and analyse the results.

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